Hot new collaboration single "Money Worries" by new female sensation Taya ft one of dancehall's greatest legend Yellow man 

 An extensive hit from the Maytones (Reggae band) "Money Worries" has left a significant mark in the musical sales in the 1980's. Now available on ITunes and produced by L&R Stardust Label, this rendition of "Money Worries" by Taya ft Yellow Man is another musical storm for all music lovers out there. 

Featured in the Jamaica star Taya disclosed that "Money Worries" is a remake of a song done by her father (Maytones) and she is excited and appreciative of the positive response that she has been receiving. Taya also mentioned that Yellow Man and she had put a lot of work into the song and this is only the start of their fruition.

"Money Worries" was premiered in the month of March and is doing exceptionally well so far. It is available on ITunes, YouTube and is been ponderously promoted on Social Media



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