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21:40-- SToneDloveChiLin: Reality visit a
21:40-- SToneDloveChiLin: Na Explicit sah
21:41-- SToneDloveChiLin: Jus enquisit yah
21:41-- SToneDloveChiLin: Iwas humpty dumptey
21:42-- SToneDloveChiLin: Because him cricket stump bails got stumpy
21:42-- SToneDloveChiLin: Of de wall a himma jumpy
21:43-- SToneDloveChiLin: An a slumpedy
21:43-- SToneDloveChiLin: No watch or else only botch
21:44-- SToneDloveChiLin: This ain't egg skotch or time that notch
21:45-- SToneDloveChiLin: Jah is live without blotch
21:46-- SToneDloveChiLin: Slip side trip ride equip dried blip guide flip hide
21:48-- SToneDloveChiLin: Natty dread datty led satty sped ratty bled
21:49-- SToneDloveChiLin: Nature is the creator
21:50-- SToneDloveChiLin: No want astound so am where cannot be found as neither here or around
21:51-- Tommo-ranks: Tune
21:51-- Tommo-ranks: dj
21:51-- SToneDloveChiLin: Clint eastwood
21:51-- SToneDloveChiLin: Some people should
21:52-- SToneDloveChiLin: Not tink misunderstood
21:52-- SToneDloveChiLin: If know meaning of word could
21:52-- SToneDloveChiLin: Just as hinna veins is a da blood
21:54-- SToneDloveChiLin: No drooper are or superstar bu from grouper far
21:56-- SToneDloveChiLin: Jus like soundbar wisdom is no ra ra so galang dweet me star
21:57-- SToneDloveChiLin: Bare as was born ha ha golf ball ponna tee on course par
21:58-- Tommo-ranks: Gwan Feego
21:59-- SToneDloveChiLin: Tra la la roots rock reggae a no wid spar
22:00-- SToneDloveChiLin: Jah ras ta far set like pon Road is tar nu bla bla
22:01-- SToneDloveChiLin: Jah bless my bredrins
22:01-- SToneDloveChiLin:
22:02-- Ras-Jucks: Blessed greetings r/w family
22:03-- Ras-Jucks: boom
22:05-- Ras-Jucks: wav wav wav
22:31-- Ras-Jucks: wav wav wav wav
22:36-- Ras-Jucks: Run chune teacher
22:39-- Tommo-ranks: Bless Ras Jucks