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I started collecting CD's from 1989 ie that’s where my name came from LoL . Well the collection starts from DUB,ROOTS,STEPPERS DUB, UK LOVERS ROCK, SOUL, R&B etc, its just the love of music for me from a early years from listening too radio JOHN PEEL on radio 1 where you will get a reggae track being played, lol.

 Also in my home on a Sunday than it when on too listening too local sounds systems playing in the streets, too young to go a dances mum would have beat mi LoL, but that all change has mi get big going out and taking in all these other sound systems in the north of England than going to other city’s around the UK taking in all these other sound systems, live reggae shows and so on.

 So you can say its in my blood LoL. Born and rise in the north of the UK of West Yorkshire Leeds I than started to play on local pirate stations than moving on too internet radio which is great.

 We at Reggae wave Radio all the presenters are working hard too give you the best in reggae music entertainment too make you feel relax after a hard days work or just need cheering up lol


 So kick back and enjoy Reggae wave Radio and we all hope that we have something for your listening ears to enjoy right here at Reggae-wave radio.

So Bless too you all who reads this and lock into REGGAE-WAVE.RADIO.